• Telecom

    PBX, Radios and xDSL, SFP, SFP+, XFP and other optical modules switches and routers, OTRN Transport Networks, GPON/EPON.

  • Automotive

    Electric Vehicles, Powertraing, Radio & Infotainment, Remote Keyless Entry, HVACs Control, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Embedded Electronics Clusters, Alarms and Automotive Safety.

  • Industrial

    Power Supply, UPS, Industrial Control, Alternative Energy, Micro Turbine, Computing, Charging, Fiscal Printers, Time Attendance, Industrial Networks and Communication Protocols, Medical Equipment, Industrial Vision, PLCs and Industrial Control.

  • LED Lighting

    Architectural, entertainment, bulb replacement and consumer/industrial integration.

  • Datacom/Storage

    Storage Infrastructure, Bridges, Routers, HDD, SSD, LTE/Telecom, Memory modules.

  • IC/Semiconductor

    Wireless front-end, switching, tuning, packaging and IPD implementations.

  • Consumer

    Wireless Audio, Connected Home/IOT, Remote Control, Navigation, Television, Set-Top Box, Wearables.

  • Medical

    Automated surgical equipment, blood analysis, oxygen/glucose monitoring, implantables.

  • Mil/Aero

    Power Systems, UAV, guidance, storage, targeting systems, tactical communications.